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We have a combined 60+ passionate years of professional experience of classic autmotive restoration. Our people are who make Classic Ford Broncos who we are. They are the most important thing here, from the shop manager, to the body and paint expert to our technicans, there the ones that deliver dreams.

We're Pretty Damn Good

At Classic Ford Broncos, we don’t claim to be the undisputed kings of custom-built trucks – although we’re pretty damn good at it. Nor do we claim to deliver pristine trailer queens. It’s safe to say that the trucks we’ve built so far are a good representation of what we love to do – take older, worn out trucks and turn them into reborn works of art that are meant to be driven.

Broncos That Feel Right

We have a small shop and a small crew. We don’t mass produce our Broncos so the ones we build have to “feel” just right. Our goal is to make sure everyone stays happy throughout the build process. That said, we are not a factory and custom-built sometimes means custom issues will inevitably pop-up. That’s why we stay in touch with you throughout the build so we’re both on the same page for every little detail. As you’ll find out, we’re the kind of people who worry about the all the little details.

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